Your Besty lead and collar is made from 100% nylon webbing. The lead is securely covered in your chosen limited print fabric. Each lead handle has  3 removable charms/symbols made from non rust alloy material.  1. LOVE 2.BONE 3, BESTY DOG MASCOT. Your Besty also includes a unique poo bag dispenser/torch, made from hard plastic and can be attached to your lead handle.

Your Besty Package is strong, durable and completely unique and it comes complete with:

1x Collar made of 100% nylon webbing with rust proof clasp and eyelets , 1x Lead made of 100% nylon webbing then wrapped and sewn onto your choice of unique fabric, 1x heart name tag, 3x detachable silver charms 1 LOVE symbol, 1 dog bone, 1 BESTY mascot. All packaged in a reusable black backpack.

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Collar Size

Small Collar 1.5cm wide x 40cm, Medium Collar 2.0cm wide x 50cm, Large Collar 2.5cm wide x 60cm